Are you tired of stiff, static, overly-posed images that say nothing about what matters most?

Hey, Fellow Wedding Photographer:

Are you ready to have some LIFE breathed back into your images as the way you think about Posing is changed FOREVER?

We’re drawing back the curtain on exactly how we do it.


You dread the Posing part of your weddings because you are always afraid of freezing up and you would rather just capture REAL life


You feel like you've fallen into a RUT of "these are my 27 poses" and every single blog post now looks the same


You are more interested in HONESTY and unrushed moments  than how many poses you can crank through in five minutes


You want to capture images that SAY something about who two people are together, but lately you've lost that


You're sick of going home and looking through your images and not feeling anything or WORSE, you can feel yourself standing there telling them to pose


You’re in just the right place.

The J&M Art of Authentic Posing Course is a LIFETIME access, 4 week course in natural, organic posing for photographers that teaches exactly how to capture the bride alone, groom alone, couple together, wedding party & more! We put a decade’s worth of experience into these four hours designed to give you all you need to advance your storytelling forever.

You’ll walk away from The ART OF AUTHENTIC POSING with:

Knowledge on how to step away from safe, pretty-but-boring posing, and create honest AUTHENTIC real moments that matter

A renewed passion for what you want your work to stand for and the ability to be a better storyteller for the generations to come

Practical steps on how to "PING" emotion & movement in your Posing

Assurance in your “why,” because you can confidently deliver on telling a story of who two people are together, and create connection not poses with your couple.

“JUSTIN & MARY! These videos. The Art of Authentic Posing literally just changed my whole life in a magical four hours! I feel like this is everything that I've been going for in one perfect online resource! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!" -Annmarie Swift


From AnnMarie Swift


"Justin & Mary. My life is changing, My art is changing. I see only two people in this image. Thank you." 

From Bessie Watson:


“Justin & Mary, I wanted to say thank you for providing these videos. I cried watching the first one. Your take on posing speaks to my heart so much as a photographer. It put words to my thoughts and feelings as to why I wanted to get into photography. You made me feel like you were speaking only to me. I will remember your words and use them as often as I can.”


From Alisha H:


"Justin & Mary! I just bought your Art of Authentic Posing course and let me tell you! I am not even finished with it yet and I can’t explain to you…it makes SO much of a difference it blows my mind! I slow down now mentally and physically. I actually THINK about my images. This is such a HUGE turning point for me I can’t thank you guys enough!!!"


From Heather Chipps


We'll start the way we always do, by beginning with Why. We'll talk about why we do this thing called "Posing" anyway, how it started, what it's become, and how we get BACK to telling stories that matter. We'll create a Test for Authenticity- do I see two people or THREE- and then we'll get on to talking about the practicalities of posing both our Bride & Groom alone.

AN ENTIRELY New Way of Thinking About POSING

ONCE YOU're in, here's what you'll learn:

Week One

What You'll Learn:
*A powerful Why that will guide every other posing decision
*Our 8 Rules of Posing
*How to create gesture with the Bride
*How to create gesture with the Groom
*What to look out for when Posing
*Posing v. Gesture
*Watch us a pose a real bride at a real wedding day!

Once we move on to talking about posing the couple together, it's going to be ALL about movement, emotion, and capturing who these two people are. Together. We will move away from a factory approach to posing where we push people through our 27 poses as quickly as possible, and we will get back to slowing down, breathing, and creating opportunities for real connection.

Creating Movement & Emotion: The Couple Together

ONCE YOU're in, here's what you'll learn:

Week Two

What You'll Learn:

*Our 10 Core Poses and all their movement variations that could turn into HUNDREDS of different results.
*Our go to "Pings" for joyful results
*Our go to "Pings" for quiet results
*What to watch out for when posing the couple together
*How to always add more movement
*How to move your feet to get many different results
*Watch us pose two real couples, one at a real wedding!

In Week Three we'll talk all about how to handle those large groups efficiently and with fun, while still getting really AUTHENTIC results. We'll talk about the two different ends of the spectrum to stay on for honest results in your images and we'll walk through how to find the "truly candid bridal party moment"

How to Handle the Wedding Party

ONCE YOU're in, here's what you'll learn:

Week Three

What You'll Learn:

*Our go to 8 poses for the most natural results for the wedding party
*How to handle a big group with grace
*where to look for inspiration
*Seeking out the unposed bridal party moments
*Staying true to your why even in the must have shots
*Watch us pose a large group LIVE at a real wedding

In our final video, we will walk step by step through all of those trickiest posing moments that come up on a wedding day: time crunches, a taller bride than groom, how to flatter arms and waistlines, what to do when you're running late, what to do when you're being rushed, what to do when someone is trying to take over & more!

How to handle all those toughest posing moments

ONCE YOU're in, here's what you'll learn:

Week Four

What You'll Learn:

*Our go to steps for creating the most flattering waistlines and arms
*How to minimize a height difference
*How to tackle a time crunch and still end up with a ton of portraits
*How to gracefully handle when someone is making you late
*How to gracefully handle when someone is trying to rush you
*How to gracefully handle an "art director" guest who wants to do all the posing
*& more!

Oh yes. But wait, there actually is much more.

ONCE YOU're in, here's what you'll learn:

The Bonuses

You're also going to get the BONUS of our J&M Posing Bootcamp for any time you need a quick refresher, as well as our marketing handbook The Guide ($150 value right there!)

The TOTAL value of the Art of Authentic Posing Bundle is well over $500! And don't forget that LIFETIME & Immediate access!

We are Justin & Mary Marantz, a husband and wife photography duo who believes in love, quietly and fearlessly without question. We’ve been featured in publications spanning Martha Stewart and Style Me Pretty, globe-trotted as workshop hosts and conference keynote speakers, but it’s our heart to bring it home and teach our tribe what we’ve learned about our craft.

Behind the Course


Absolutely! You're actually going to get to watch footage of us with our in studio couple, Whitney & Mike as well as watch us LIVE on location at a wedding with our real life couple Lauren & Matt! Because we know that it's one thing to talk about Posing theory, but it's a whole other thing to get to watch it in action!

Q: Will We get to watch you actually posing any couples, Bridal Party or Brides?


Next Question

Definitely! Posing a couple together is SUCH a different dynamic than posing a family or individual portrait! And we actually LOVE that you would take this course to grow in your craft BEFORE you take on the honor of documenting someone's wedding day. We can't imagine a better way to hit the ground running at your first wedding!

Q: Will this course be right for me if I haven't Had the chance to photograph a lot of weddings? I've mostly done family shoots thus far.


Next Question

You can expect to leave this course with an entirely DIFFERENT way of thinking about your posing forever, with a heart on fire to capture stories and moments that matter, and a renewed commitment to only see two people (bride & groom) not THREE (bride, groom and YOU) in your images. If you are tired of taking pictures of POSES and want to get back to taking pictures of PEOPLE then this course will do that for you. You will also gain a TON of practical go to advice for the exact things to say and do to pull out those authentic, emotional results in your couples! We'll show you exactly what we do to get the results you see!

Q: What can I expect to leave this course with? How will learning your material change my business? 


Next Question

Oh I am SO glad you asked that! The best part is that this course gets you both IMMEDIATE and LIFETIME access! So you can start right away....or you can wait until January of February to start! It's totally up to you! But either way, the course will be right there waiting for you!

 Q. I'm worried about buying a course right before the holidays! What if I don't have time to start right away? Will this hurt me? 


Next Question

A: The Art of Authentic Course is a 4-part video course, so we will be walking you through step by step with videos.  You’ll get to see the exact systems we use and get to watch us while we set up, shoot, and pose our way to incredible images. The best part? You can be doing it too while watching from home! But you'll ALSO get our companion posing guide to take WITH you to your very next shoot!

Q: How is the content delivered in the Art of Authentic Posing Course? I love hands on but I also realize that I will want to be practicing on my own while I am watching the modules!


Next Question


Ready to save yourself hours and years of research, learn our step-by-step posing approach, and put your posing game on the next level as it becomes second-nature?

This special price is open now, but it won’t be open for long.

Enroll and get all of this:

Or, you can join us. You can let us lift up the hood on our business, and show you a decades worth of insight we’ve gleaned and share that with you over the course of just 4 videos so you can walk confidently into any situation, stand out in our oversaturated market, and book your dream clients.

You can keep taking boring pictures of POSES.

You can keep getting stiff, static results.

You can keep ending your sessions feeling like there is SO much more you could have done with your Posing if you only knew where to start.


Four HOURS of content on our exact posing system
Our 8 Rules of Posing to Instantly Put People at Ease
Our 10 Core Poses and Guide to Emotion & Movement
Our 80 page companion guide to take with you on location to shoots
Our go to guides for what to watch out for
Our exact steps for handling the toughest of posing situations & large groups
Live wedding footage so you can WATCH us practice what we teach
BONUS - Our J&M Posing Bootcamp Video
BONUS- Our marketing handbook The Guide

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